Window to the Sea: Behind the Scenes at America's Great Public Aquariums

Paperback / softback
This exquisite book captures the beauty and adventure of the undersea world and reveals the dramatic work done by marine scientists and other staff at public aquariums throughout the U.S.A. It offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes at these extremely popular attractions and travels into the field to explore the activities of four of North America's greatest aquariums. How are abandoned sea otters rescued and rehabilitated? Why is the discovery of a beautiful new jellyfish species a cause for celebration? How are chambered nautiluses and other exotic species cared for and bred in captivity? Presented in an engaging storytelling approach, these and other topics - acquisition of animals, creating exhibits, training, feeding, water maintenance, and ocean conservation - are explored in the pages of this beautiful book. In addition to more than one hundred stunning photos of marine life both at the aquariums and in the ocean, Window to the Sea features dozens of images from the TV footage of scientists and other aquarium professionals interacting with the animals. An extensive appendix describes sixty public aquariums in North America and includes all pertinent traveller information. This is a wonderful book for fans of travel and nature and for young people interested in the life aquatic.