Will And Abe's Guide To The Universe: A Life in Hell Book

Matt Groening, gonzo cartoonist, television pioneer and proud father, presents the comic observations and wide-eyed witticisms of his sons - Will and Abe. The Simpsons creator is back with another brand new collection of cartoons from his academically acclaimed weekly comic strip, Life in Hell. The theme this time is the wit and wisdom of his two feisty and funny kids, Will and Abe, whose actual conversations, stories, songs, arguments and rants Matt transcribed and diligently illustrated from 1991 to 2003. You get the inside boys' points-of-view on monsters, poisonous animals, death and girls, featuring such classic cartoons as Interview with a 3 Year Old Vampire, I'm going to tell God to Lick You, and How to Annoy Your Brother. Also included is the hilarious multi-part guides to parents, Christmas, Bali and bullies.