Wild Truth Journal-Dares from Jesus: 50 Truth and Dare Challenges for Junior Highers

Ever Play Truth and Dare ? The rules have changed! You can't handle the truth!!! -Col. Jessup in the movie A Few Good Men The Truth shall set you free...and I dare you to live it! -Jesus Christ in the Bible (paraphrased) Inside this little book is some of the most radical, challenging, hilarious, serious, truthful, daring stuff you'll meet in your entire life! After getting into Wild Truth Journal-Dares from Jesus, you will never read the worlds of Jesus the same again. Nice story, good examples, and great teaching will leave your vocabulary. Jesus was not about begging or arguing or persuading: He spoke the Truth-and dares us, even today-to LIVE it! Scary? NO! Exciting!!! Wild Truth Journal-Dares from Jesus shows you, 50 times over, ways to let the beautiful, blazing light of Jesus' words into your soul...and in each case a variety of ways to act on them, to exercise them, to profit from them, to bless by them...to change your life through them! Every encouraging devotion is like a silver platter, serving up the words of Jesus, and then breaking down Truth into What Jesus Said and What Jesus Meant sections; and presenting the challenging Dares into He Was Talking to Me! and Take the Dare! exercises. After Wild Truth Journal-Dares from Jesus, you'll never see Jesus' words the same again. You'll never see yourself the same way again.