Why You Must and How You Can Get Rid of Politicians

How to Get Rid of Politicians is not just a gimmick title, nor is it just another rant to join the hundreds of rants already on bookshelves describing what's wrong with America and it's governments. How to Get Rid of Politicians is a real plan, bureaucracy by bureaucracy, agency by agency: how to mend what needs mending and how to end what needs ending all without blowing up federal buildings or causing chaos in our country. Our governments confiscate and spend over five trillion dollars (3 trillion federal, 2 trillion state and local) in a national economy that produces between 10 and 12 trillion dollars. This cannot be sustained, and the politicians that drive this wanton spending must be gotten rid of. Our governments are akin to a 900-pound gorilla and tweaking it to an 800-pound gorilla makes no fundamental change - it must be reduced to a 50-pound primate as our founders intended. It can be done as this 700 page cleverly and entertainingly written book will show you. Think of the tax money you can save and the freedom you'll regain if Frank Villani is right and his plans get implemented, ...HOW TO GET RID OF POLITICIANS will show you how!