Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Did you know that cats can smell over 200 million different scents? Or that you can communicate with your cat just by blinking? These are just a few of the cat facts to discover in this ultimate companion book for young cat owners and admirers. How did cats and humans begin to live together? How were cats treated in ancient times? Why do cats like to bump up against you? How do you know if a cat is pedigreed? Here you'll find the answers to these and many more questions, plus lore, legends, superstitions, hero-stories, quizzes and cat training tips. Feline Facts: ? The Chartreux breed's rounded forehead and long, narrow muzzle make it look like it's always smiling ? Famed English scientist Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat flap for his cat Spithead ? Long ago in Burma, cats were owned by royalty and priests, and legends say that each cat had its very own servant ? A cat's ear contains 32 muscles - compared to a human's 6 ? A cat named Ninja once traveled more than 850 miles to find its old house ? The Turkish Van cat actually likes swimming