Who's Afraid of Butterflies? Our Fears and Phobias Named and Explained

Why are we afraid of things that go bump in the night? Do you know someone who freaks out at the sight of a puppet (Pupaphobia)? Can't handle being bathed in moonlight (Lunaphobia)? Or is petrified of twins (Biniphobia)? For everything that exists, there is someone, somewhere, who is deathly afraid of it. In Who's Afraid of Butterflies?, well-known popular scientist Dr Stephen Juan explores the fascinating world of our deepest fears, from A (Abandonment) right through to Z (Zombies). Dr Juan explains how our phobias begin, why they endure, and the latest ways to overcome them - he even takes a look at the phobias of the famous (just who is afraid of butterflies?). So if you have ever been curious about phobias, or just too scared to investigate, then help is at hand - pick up this book and retreat to a safe place to figure it all out!