Who Will Bell the Cat?: A Manager's Toolkit for Strategy-Formation and Execution

This book skillfully expands on the popular children's fable 'Who will Bell the Cat?' to derive holistic solutions for the entire gamut of business strategy issues-from strategy formation to execution. The author takes the reader through the various stages of strategy management using a lively narrative that parallels the fable: Bell the Cat! (Evolve Business Strategy), How to Bell the Cat (Strategic Management Techniques), Who Will Bell the Cat? (Locate Right People), Make People Capable to Bell the Cat (Develop People's Capabilities), and Wow! The Cat is Belled (Align and Execute). A 'cat'alyst for change, the book challenges business managers and management students to question long-held beliefs about strategy management and to think beyond established norms. Embellished with thought-provoking quotes by great thinkers, the lessons in the book are both easy to understand and practise.