Who Shall Live: The Wilhelm Bachner Story

This fascinating story must be read for it proves that it was possible for humanity to triumph over powerful evil --Elie Wiesel. George Cohen, of the ALA's Booklist, put it most succinctly: Bachner, a Polish Jew, was trapped in Warsaw when the Germans overran the country in September, 1939. He, his wife and his parents moved into the Warsaw ghetto. Speaking fluent German and possessing an engineering degree from a German university, he posed as an Aryan and was eventually able to get a job heading a crew of construction workers. He hired dozens of Polish Jews and supplied them with false identity papers, thus saving them from death. The authors interviewed Bachner in 1983, ...and the Jews Bachner saved as well as their family members. They researched ...the German railroad that employed Bachner, as well as the rail construction units where Bachner spent the last year and a half of the war. [T]heir book is part of a growing body of evidence that refutes the belief that Jews went to their deaths without resistance.