When Rain Falls Like Lead: Exploring the Presence of God in the Darkness of Suffering

Exploring the question 'Where is God when we suffer? through biblical, theological and personal narratives. Why suffering? Why pain? Why? Are there any answers to that question? Where is God in the middle of this? This is the question at the heart of scripture and key to the identity of the people of God throughout the ages. This unique, biblically-rooted and pastorally-focused book explores these questions, engaging both the biblical narratives as well as our personal experience. This poignant work, based in part on the author's own loss and grief, doesn't just provide a study of the issue; it speaks words of genuine hope. This is first-rate pastoral counselling direct from a broken heart. With a searing vulnerability the reader is drawn into a raw edged story of ongoing suffering. - David Coffey OBE, Global Ambassador, BMS World Mission Andy Percey has written a most moving lament for a beloved sister. The answers he comes up with, if we can call them answers, are theologically robust and pastorally heart-warming. I am really glad this book is now out there. - Ian Stackhouse, Minister of Millmead, Guildford Baptist Church, UK