Whats The Good News For Today

The Yahway Bible study guide series. What's the Good News for today? What's the Good News for today? is the first book in the Yahway Bible study guide series. This book looks at the four Gospels. It is for Christians of all ages, whether they have found God for decades or searching for answers in today's fast and busy world. This guide will compliment your reading of the Gospels and help you read them in a new and exciting way. Once you have read the chapter of the Gospel, read the accompanying commentary to help you reflect on the passage. These commentaries consist of highlights from that chapter, prayers, spiritual exercises and modern day parables based on those in the Gospels. This guide also asks questions directed to Jesus, questions I would like to have asked him over 2,000 years ago. The Word of God is as alive today as it was in the beginning...John McDermott studied Theology at Glasgow University and obtained a Bachelor of Divinity degree with Distinction, after qualifying as a Biochemist two years previously.