What Would Sam Have Made of This: Part Two - Acts

As their friendship deepens Ian visits Michael's family in Dorset. After returning home at daybreak one Sunday morning Michael reveals to Ian that he was raped while at university. Ian arranges for Michael to see a doctor and to take some blood tests. This brings the two of them even closer which leads to a proposal for a civil partnership. Rickard Rheinhardt arranges a stag night for Ian whilst Michael's firm lays on a buffet party for him. Rickard also arranges a floor show which is filmed; copies of the film are sent to Boroburg. Michael's mother and grandparents travel to London for the ceremony, staying at Ian and now Michael's home. After receiving the results of the blood tests Michael enters hospital for minor corrective surgery. On discharge Ian takes him on a short vacation to the south of France. Fred Kramer's treachery is exposed at a presentation given by the Senior Vice President Procurement in Boroburg. Two senior vice presidents subsequently visit the London office. Later Fred Kramer overhears plans to purchase the aggregate quarry owned by Michael's grandfather, Luke Tregowan, and soon afterwards approaches Luke with a rival bid to purchase the quarry. Luke alerts Ian who arranges a deception for Fred Kramer. Kramer is caught red-handed and is presented with an 'either or' ultimatum by Per Pedersen, AmerConCorp's CEO. Rickard returns from a trip to Boroburg with news that Ian has been accused of being continually drunk while at work. Ian goes into attack mode with such ferocity that he is summoned at very short notice to Boroburg. There he realises the hearing of the drunk charge has been used as a subterfuge for him to make a presentation to the entire board of senior management of his plan for the future management of any European operation which he had drawn up for Rickard some months earlier. Ian refutes the drink charge and simultaneously turns the tables on his accuser, successfully identifying him and his activities over the previous six years. The hearing also leads to Fred Kramer being dismissed from AmerConCorp. Ian's presentation is held over four successive days and is ultimately successful, although there is initial opposition from the Corporation's co-founder. At the end of the week Ian is manoeuvred into accepting a new position which leaves him dumbfounded.