What Pets Do While You're At Work

Every morning, just after you have said goodbye to Kitty or Rover, and they lower their saddened eyes at your departure, a whole new adventure begins. Do they stare out of the window, wishing for your return? Do they slump onto their cushion and nap the day away? No way. WHAT PETS DO WHILE YOU'RE AT WORK uncovers their naughty habits with exposes on breaking into the fridge, surfing the internet, trying on your clothes for size, addictions to the shopping channel, cleaning out the biscuit tin, and you really don't want to know what they do to the toilet... WHAT PETS DO WHILE YOU'RE AT WORK is a collection of hilarious photographs of our little animal friends being very bad. It is the ideal Christmas gift for all pet lovers and will follow the bestselling traditions of BAD DOG and BAD CAT.