What Is Visual Literacy? (DVD): An Inservice Video Workshop

DVD video
When children begin to read and write they are as interested in information as they are in fiction. But information is not conveyed only with print; the wealth of visual texts are often the clearest communicators of information. Charts, diagrams, cross sections, and maps are a few of the elements that are as critical as the words they supplement. In many cases, the visual text is the clearest way to present information.In this video, Steve Moline presents the basics of visual literacy and its place in the curriculum, illustrating his points with classroom sequences with students and workshop sessions with teachers. Viewers will learn:how reading for story differs from reading for information;why the visual element is such a central part of complete literacy;how to help students select the best form of visual text to incorporate in their writing;how to integrate visual and verbal texts;how to select the right visual device to communicate your ideas and information;how to use details of graphic design to organize and support meaning.What Is Visual Literacy? includes notes of questions and activities that can be used individually or with a group prior to further exploration in Steve's definitive book I See What You Mean.In What Is Visual Literacy?, teachers, curriculum supervisors, and inservice directors have the basis for a workshop or discussion group on this critical topic that teachers in all parts of the curriculum increasingly want to know about.