What is Life Without Thee?: An Autobiography

A spiritual journeyman for over forty years, medium/clairvoyant, teacher, speaker and healer, Caroline (aka Jenny Walker Knight) now tells her story: From her birth, through illness, to marriage and motherhood; from early spiritual awakenings, to the depths and insights of spiritual philosophies, religions and 'truths'; through the travail of violent conflicts and dogma, to the vocational enlightenment of the Great Work at hand - that of man's evolutionary growth - the purpose of this, her present incarnation. And yet, in a world of ever-increasing war and materialism the blessings of 'spiritual gifts' are as a curse to those preferring to cast their fate to the winds of ignorant bliss. If God exists, no matter how you perceive God to be, is there a place for Him amongst those he created to be as gods? You decide!