What is Computer Equity?: A Trainer's Workshop Guide

Paperback / softback
In schools and homes across America, girls are declining computer opportunities available to them, in the misguided belief that computers are primarily toys for boys. Computer clubs, computer contests, and advanced computer elective courses tend to be overwhelmingly male. The educational, and eventually occupational, consequences of computer avoidance will be harmful to girls' futures and thus to the nation's well-being. What is Computer Equity? is the first of three publications developed with funding from the National Science Foundation to address computer equity for girls. It is a complete in-service workshop guide to be used by a trainer or staff developer with faculty in all curriculum areas from elementary through high school. This nationally field-tested two and a half-hour guide for workshops introduces educators to the computer gender gap. In a varied series of actvities, they learn where the computer gender gap can be seen, why it matters, what causes it, and how to overcome it. The guide contains templates for overhead transparencies and handouts and several resource sections.