What I Know Now: Simple Lessons Learned the Hard Way

WHAT I KNOW NOW is the heartwarming and life-affirming lessons learnt by Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York as she has come to terms with the many obstacles in her life. With the characteristic candour and down-to-earth charm that have won our admiration and our hearts, Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York shares the hard won lessons that have helped her work through challenges and lead a simpler, more fulfilling life. Admired as much for her honest assessment of her foibles as for her grace in the glare of the media's spotlight, The Duchess here reveals her most private self. She share the truths she has discovered by embracing her flaws, striving to make every life decision with integrity and witnessing the selfless acts of others around her. Each lesson springs from a life rich with disappointments and victories and is seasoned with a healthy dose of humility and warm wit. Although her personal struggles have been played out on the public stage, The Duchess' thoughtful, simple approach applies to the struggles we all face. WHAT I KNOW NOW offers advice for the everyday as it illuminates the delightful spirit, undeniable resilience and trademark grace under fire of a woman who considers every challenge an opportunity to learn and grow.