Wexford: An Omnibus: From Doon with Death , New Lease of Death and Best Man to Die

Three bestselling Detective Chief Inspector Wexford murder mysteries in one volume: FROM DOON WITH DEATH - Margaret Parsons was a predictable, ordinary woman, but now she had met a mysterious death of passion and violence for which there seemed no motive or clue...'One of the best' - SUN. A NEW LEASE OF DEATH - There was no doubt in Chief Inspector Wexford's mind...Painter had commited the brutal crime and he'd been hanged for it. But now, fifteen years later, someone wants history changed and they are determined to prove the detective wrong, at any cost...'A cause for celebration' - SPECTATOR. THE BEST MAN TO DIE - Was it just a coincidence that Charlie Hatton, a cocky little lorry driver, had been killed on the day following that of Mrs Fanshawe's regaining consciousness? And was it murder or not? 'The mistress of mystery' - DAILY MIRROR.