Welsh Women: An Annotated Bibliography of Women in Wales and Women of Welsh Descent in America

In this first comprehensive bibliography on Welsh women, Holt includes over 2100 annotated entries for English-language books, articles, dissertations, and manuscripts identified through research in Wales, England, and the U.S. Nearly 300 Welsh-language entries are listed separately. Entries from prehistory to the present in all disciplines cite women in all fields and walks of life, some internationally known, most unsung and unknown beyond their locales. Entries on women in Wales range from the 1st-century tribal warrior queen Boudica, through 19th-century colliery workers, to contemporary poets. Entries on the Welsh in the U.S. include the 17th-century Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) who settled in Philadelphia, and the 18th-century Mormons who trekked to Utah.