Wellspring: Daily Meditations to Refresh Your Soul

A wellspring is a source of abundant and continual supply. That is how it is with God s Word. In these pages you will find the refreshment God promises us in Proverbs 18:4: The words from a person s mouth are deep waters, a bubbling stream, a fountain of wisdom. Throughout the scripture, water is used as a theme for so much that God provides. The water found in God s Word quenches not just physical thirst, but the deep spiritual cravings we struggle with every day. Using the readable and relatable scripture translations of the Common English Bible, Wellspring is the perfect companion for anyone who is thirsty for fresh, clear encouragement and a deeper walk with Christ. Each daily selection includes a Bible verse, a personal reading, and a short prayer. Here, readers will find that God s love for them is a wellspring inexhaustible, ever-flowing, always refreshing and available.