Well Built Mycenae: The Helleno-British Excavations within the Citadel at Mycenae, 1959-69: Fascicule 36: The Hellenistic Dye-Works

Series: Well built Mycenae (Facsimile 36)
Provides a general account of the excaveated structures and features of the Hellenistic Phases XIVa and XIVb, together with a discussion of the building techniques. It is the first in the series to present the architectural and stratigraphic evidence for any of the phases of occupation. The main body of the text, supported by the fiche, deals with each of the five groups of structures in turn, together with an account of each room and its principal finds. This is followed by a discussion of the distribution of the finds, the function of the complex, and parallels with similar sites, and ends with a review of the evidence for the date of the Citadel House structures.