Wealth Journey: 9 Steps to a Wealthier You

The Wealth Journey' ultimately represents our journey of transformation of self, through the various levels of consciousness and self-expression until we can feel the connection with the still point in the centre of our being. Our connection with the centre, with the divine spark within, with the creative light that illuminates us, is, and always has been there. It may become obscured from time to time by illusion, or we may forget that we are the source of this light and not the lanterns on the side of the road of our travels. This book is a reminder to us all that: we are both the creators and the travellers of all our journeys; we are the light that illuminates our path; we are the goal we aspire to attain; and, we are the wealth we try to acquire. This is a Wealth Journey' for everyone and anyone. No matter where you are in your wealth programme.