Waterfalls of the Mid-Atlantic States: 200 Falls in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennysylvania

Residents of the Mid-Atlantic states may know of Passaic Falls in New Jersey, Bushkill Falls (the Niagara of Pennsylvania ), or the Great Falls of the Potomac in Maryland. Yet there are many other falls that are less known, just beyond the view from the highway. Some thunder awesomely, others are gossamer trickles. And, surprisingly, some are in the heart of the region's biggest cities. These natural water wonders are for the most part on public lands throughout Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This is the first comprehensive guidebook to the region's waterfalls, rated by author Gary Letcher on a scale of 1-5. Each of the falls are described according to: * Location, including GPS coordinates * Access and directions * Trail length and difficulty * Stream and waterfall characteristics * Geological factors * Natural, historical, and cultural features The author offers insight on waterfall geology, safety, and photography, and even specifies details that cue you in to the Seven Ways to Find the Height of a Waterfall! Tips on waterfall photography are included. 75 black & white photos, 10 illustrations, 20 maps, index.