Watercolor Portraits of the South with Mary Whyte

Step into best-selling artist Mary Whyte's studio and be a part of the life behind the acclaimed artist's work. Discover all that goes into Mary's impactful artwork with a look at her full approach to creating a piece including highlights from her painting process. See more of the painting process than ever before-find out what happens to Mary's finished works once they leave the studio including exclusive interviews with her professional community: a Gibbes Museum Curator, Collector, and Framer. Don't miss your chance to get 2 full hours with Mary Whyte, the artist, the master instructor, and the full life of one of her beloved pieces from the vision, to the finer details, to the selling process. Join this master of emotive portraits in and out of the studio: Learn how to capture the character and presence of a model from the foundational composition to the final details that define a great work of art. See the story behind the John's Island paintings that earned Mary international-transform preparatory sketches and reference photographs into powerful pieces. Discover how the relationships between the artist and models lead to more meaningful paintings with rare interviews with the artist and her models recounting memorable painting sessions. Incorporate this Mary's strategies into your own work-follow her painting Coop through each phase: from the plein air sketches to the final framing. Step into a day in the life of a master artist-see the secrets behind her impactful work revealed and use the same techniques in your own work.