Water Pollution: Modelling, Monitoring and Management: v. 8

This book publishes the proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Modelling, Measuring and Prediction of Water Pollution. Water pollution is a subject of growing public concern. The scientific community has responded very rapidly to the need for studies capable of relating the pollutant discharge with changes in the water quality. The results of these studies are permitting industries to employ more efficient methods of controlling and treating waste loads, and water authorities to enforce stricter regulations regarding this matter. Bringing together papers from world renowned experts in this field, the text encompasses themes such as: Groundwater and Aquifer Contamination; Wastewater Treatment; Re-use of Water; Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands; Coastal Areas and Seas; Biological Effects; Agricultural Pollution; Oil Spills; Mathematical and Physical Modeling; Experimental and Laboratory Work; Surveying Techniques, Monitoring and Remote Sensing; Remediation Studies; Health Risk; Social and Economic Issues; Pollution Prevention; GIS and Remote Sensing Applications; Environmental Management and Decision Analysis; and Environmental Impact Assessment.