Water and Wastewater Management for Developing Countries: WAMDEC: 2004

Selected Proceedings of the Water & Wastewater Management for Developing Countries Conference, 28-30 July 2004, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The IWA Specialist Group on Water and Wastewater Management for Developing Countries and the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe, in conjunction with the Institute of Water and Sanitation Development (IWSD) and Environment Africa, organised a conference on Water and Wastewater Management for Developing Countries - WAMDEC 2004. The Conference was held 28-30 July 2004, at the Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The aims of the Conference were: To promote the concept of appropriate technologies for water and wastewater management. To enhance linkages between institutions, practitioners and research groups who are working on water supply, low-cost waste treatment and waste recycling systems, and to promote collaborative research and development. The Conference sought to provide an international forum for information exchange and update, and for discussing and reviewing issues related to the theory and application of water and waste technology, appropriate for developing countries. Theme 1: Productive Water for Community Development and Transformation Theme 2: Water Management for Sustainable Economic Development Theme 3: Water Quality Improvement for Ecological Balance Theme 4: Capacity Building and Institutional Arrangements for Sustainability Theme 5: Ecological Sanitation WAMDEC 2004