Warrior of Wilderness

Without giving himself time to think about it, Danny plunged into the middle of the frosty stream. The cold of it took his breath away. He shrieked and yelled and giggled idiotically. He splashed and wriggled and bucked about like seal, like an otter, like a porpoise. The sensation of that icy, running water bubbling against his baked body was truly delicious. He ducked his head underneath, and let it tingle through his scalp. It was so clear that, with his eyes open underwater, he could se right into the heart of that liquid world'. For the moment Danny, the Warrior of Wilderness, has not care in the world. But soon the timid boy will once again be reminded of his quest: to save his friends, the creatures of Wilderness, the beautiful wild animals which are being threatened by evil Shadow. Gripping and moving, Warrior of Wilderness extols the beauty of the wild animals of Africa, and warns us that we humans are constantly threatening their survival.