Wanted: 50 ways to become the person every organization wants

Competition is intense, talent is rife and jobs are never secure. Whether you're going after your first job, dream job or want to rise to the dizzy heights of success with your current or future employer, learn how you can be the most wanted employee around. Based on a life-time of experience working in the best companies around, David Freemantle gives you 50 ways to become the person everyone wants in their organisation: * Use the power of influence to make any situation work for you * Discover how to become instantly likeable * Evolve and grow so you always have the edge Some examples from Wanted: - demonstrates the importance of 'falling in love' with the work you do. People in love with their work are more likely to be 'wanted' than people who hate their work - stresses the importance of 'going mad' (i.e. going and 'Making A Difference') and thus developing the skills and mindset to differentiate yourself as an individual - focuses on 'being yourself' and not being what someone else wants you to be. This relates to ambition, principles and behaviour