Wandering in Byzantine Thessaloniki (German language edition): German language text

Paperback / softback
Distributed by University of Exeter Press. German language text. 259 illustrations including 220 full colour. Thessaloniki, throughout its existence a bustling metropolis and Mediterranean port, is unusual in having a continuous history and cultural evolution that were not interrupted even in the most turbulent times. The monuments surviving from over one thousand years of history of the Byzantine city are representative of Byzantine culture and art over the centuries. Thessaloniki is now regarded as an open-air museum of Byzantine art. This book reveals the Byzantine face of the city to the modern visitor, through the marks stamped on it by 2,300 years of history. Th e text describes and evaluates all the most recent evidence for the Byzantine monuments of the city. Lavishly illustrated, it offers an elegant account of the history of Byzantine civilization, enticing visitors along the major streets and narrow alleyways of the Upper town and introducing them, through the expertise of the specialist and the love of the admirer, to the enchantment of its unique monuments.