Walsingham: Pilgrims and Pilgrimage

Published to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the foundaion of the Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham. Michael Rear is uniquely qualified to write this book. His experience of many years of ministry in Walsingham, together with his meticulous research, fluent style of writing and choice of illustrations in the 32 pages of colour and 16 pages of black and whte illustrations have combined to produce what will certainly become the standard work on pilgrims and pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Walsingham. This comprehensive work begins with the pre-Christian era and is brought through triumph and tragedy right up to the present day. From their Preface: Michael Rear loves this place, and is uniquely equipped to tell its story. We thank him and have much pleasure in commending 'Walsingham: Pilgrims and Pilgrimage'. + Lindsay Urwin O.G.S. Administrator, Anglican Shrine Alan Williams S.M. Director, National Catholic Shrine.