Zest Walking Fit: Advice And Programmes To Get Fit For Walking

Walking is one of the most natural and fundamental of all human conscious movements. It raises your heartbeat, calms your mind and tones your muscles. How ever fast or slowly you walk you are able to achieve well-being and fitness. The greatest thing about walking is that you can do it anywhere and anytime - in your lunch hour, on your way home or at the weekend. But have you ever thought that you can actually use walking to tone your body as well as raise your heatbeat. This book offers six incredible techniques that you can incorporate into walking that will tone your legs and your waistline. Each week, Rose Leach gives a new technique and advice on how and what to eat. She also encourages you to have weekly targets so that your walking plan becomes achievable and, more importantly fun and effective. There is also information on what shoes you should wear, basic equipment, planning your route, stretching, warming up, cooling down and power walking. It also gives advice on safety, planning your route, keeping injury-free, nutrition and hydration.