Voyage to Utopias: A Fictional Guide Through Social Philosophy

Zadie thinks she's the last sane person in the world. And perhaps she is. Her brother won't stop texting. Her grandfather, Cramps, whispers to the music box (located on a top shelf, near the corpse of a sticky bun abandoned in 1986). Why can't people be more like her? Oh, and it turns out the music box is really stroppy...Then, Cramps takes them on a journey into time and space that neither of them will ever forget - despite years of expensive therapy. They explore social philosophy, political theory, social policy and holographic apples. Do you dare join them on their quest? This fascinating fictional account will introduce you to key ideas in social and political philosophy. It provides you with key skills of philosophical investigation in an accessible, rigorous and light-hearted way. The novel is funny, informative and entertaining, allowing you to experience often complex ideas from the 'inside' by using skills you will have acquired, unconsciously, from films, TV series and novels. You will learn about freedom, responsibility, justice and fairness and see how these are played out in the different utopian futures of a range of socio-political regimes.