VisualFEA and General User Manual

The usage of the software is so easy and user-friendly that it can be mastered just by reviewing the screen demos that are included. The preprocessing capabilities include powerful mesh generation schemes such as automatic triangulation/tetrahedronization in plane, curved surface and 3-D volume Structural, heat conduction and seepage analysis Various analysis options including linear static, nonlinear, dynamic, adaptive, and sequentially staged analysis. Powerful post processing with various 3-D data visualization and processing tools including contouring, iso-surface rendering, cutting plane settings, and so on. Frame analysis can be processed in real time so that the structural behaviors can be studied interactively with moving loads, changing geometries or boundary conditions Computer-based training tools simulating finite element analysis procedures: shape functions, element stiffness computation, equation assembly, equation solvers, eigen value analysis, adaptive analysis process, stress recovery and smoothing Cross platform software with Windows and Mac OS versions. The data can be exchanged between the two versions