Vienna meets Berlin: Cultural Interaction 1918-1933

The volume is based on papers given at the London Symposium `Vienna Meets Berlin: Culture in the Metropolis Between the Wars' which took place at the Institute of Germanic Studies in December 2001. The book surveys the cultural links between Vienna and Berlin with a focus on the inter-war years and some post-1945 continuities. It includes a centenary tribute to OEdoen von Horvath and contributions on theatre, film, journalism (the feuilleton in particular), literature, music and socio-political issues. Together, the studies can be read as a narrative of interaction between the two capital cities. The industrial and modern Berlin of the 1920s proves an irresistible magnet for many Viennese, whose letters and journalism time and again reflect on the differences between the cities. The year 1933 marks the political cut-off point, when in many cases exile becomes the predominant theme.