Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875, Book Two: Religous, Hunters, Pastoral, Occupations, Children & Animals, Dogs, Animals, Cottages & Castles, Sport & Miscellaneous

Collecting Staffordshire ceramic figures, a particularly English folk art, has expanded from its origins to include much of the English speaking world. This work, in two books, details and illustrates the range and depth of figures made by the potters. Over 2,900 figures are illustrated in the two books, virtually all in the brilliant color which was imperative for the beauty and simplicity of the figures to be fully appreciated. Many of these figures have never before been recorded. A history of the figures, together with sources and relevant bibliographical details, are included, along with a guide to current prices. Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875, Book Two details Religous and Temperance Figures; Hunters and Huntsmen; Shepherds, Gardeners, Harvesters, and Pastoral Scenes; Other Pursuits, Pastimes, and Occupations; Children with Animals; Dogs; Animals; Houses, Cottages, and Castles; and Sport and Miscellaneous.