Victorian Costume for Ladies, 1860-1900

Lavishly illustrated with 350 engaging nineteenth-century photographs, this book provides irrefutable documentation of Victorian ladies' fashions worn in America from 1860-1900. Extensively researched using period studio photographs and documents, the author thoroughly explores the fluctuations in Victorian fashions including casual wear, sports clothes, common dress, evening attire, hairstyles, jewelry, and clothing manufacture, while tracing the fascinating impact fashion had on the mental, physical, and social lives of our Victorian ancestors. Chapters on laundry, personal hygiene, cosmetics, and the dating of vintage photographs are included, along with a price guide and index. The authentic photographs and detailed analysis provide a unique picture of the lives of Victorian women through their styles of dress. This comprehensive and understandable visual guide is an invaluable resource for historians, scholars, theatrical costumers, and fashion and photography enthusiasts.