Vascular Tumors and Developmental Malformations: Pathogenic Mechanisms and Molecular Diagnosis

Vascular Tumors and Developmental Malformations comprehensively covers the pathogenesis, diagnostic histologic and molecular evaluation, and clinical management of vascular anomalies presenting in infancy and childhood. This volume offers a new resource for clinical pathologists, molecular diagnosticians, and basic scientists in the field of vascular medicine and biology. It provides fundamental information on vascular malformations and hemangiomas, while including current and cutting-edge information on the pathogenic mechanisms of the disease and implications for molecular diagnostics. In particular, chapters highlight recent advancements in the molecular diagnosis of vascular anomalies, the cellular mechanisms that underlie the disorder , new insights into the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways involved in disease that offer novel targets for diagnosis and therapy, and recent advances in the field regarding the role of the placenta. This volume will provide the medical community with an essential, practical resource to guide accurate diagnosis, well-targeted therapies, and informed investigation of specific clinic pathological entities within the spectrum of vascular anomalies.