Value Driven Management: How to Create and Maximize Value Over Time for Organizational Success

Maximize profits! Create shareholder wealth! These are the values driving many businesses today. Whipped into a frenzy by the single-minded pursuit of these goals, companies often end up sacrificing good judgment, value, and, ultimately, the very success they were striving to achieve. This sad trend can be reversed with Value Driven Management . Instead of focusing solely on profits or shareholder wealth, value driven management is aimed at creating and sustaining value over time - by recognizing and using eight value drivers to guide the organization's leadership, management, and decision-making processes. Beneficial to both organizations as a whole and individuals, the innovative philosophy of Value Driven Management will help readers to: realize that economic value is only one aspect of value, important but not the paramount objective; build an organization where the values of employees are in sync with organizational values; establish a value-driven culture throughout the organization; use value-driven management concepts to solve complex problems; manage their self-development; and, increase their job satisfaction, and more .