Using Australian Colour new edition

This gorgeous new edition has revised content and a stunning new contemporary cover photograph and trim. For over thirty years, Janne Faulkner and Harley Anstee at Nexus Designs have drawn colour inspiration from the Australian landscape, from the rich terracotta soil in the Centre, to the silvery green-grey of the eucalyptus, to the colour of sand along Australian beaches, and the brilliant cobalt blue of the sky. In Using Australian Colour, Janne and Harley offer a unique sourcebook of colour inspirations for use inside and outside the home. Featuring over 300 colour swatches of complementary shades organised into colour families, this is an invaluable tool to help you with planning and decorating the rooms in your house. Full-colour photographs highlight the ideas Janne and Harley get from a piece of pottery, a cityscape or a tranquil bay, and their use in rooms that glow with vibrant colour. Inspirational and practical, Using Australian Colour is the perfect sourcebook for designers, students, homemakers and artists.