Us World War II Amphibious Tactics: Mediterranean and European Theaters

The US armed forces were responsible for many tactical innovations during the years 1941-45, but in no field was US mastery more complete than amphibious warfare. The US armed forces pioneered amphibious warfare in the Pacific and later in the Mediterranean but it was against Fortress Europe that the most famous and the most successful amphibious assault took place. On D-Day the Western Allies invaded German-held Normandy in a pre-dawn amphibious assault by American, British and Canadian forces. The Allies had perfected the special equipment and tactics for this extraordinarily difficult and risky form of warfare and despite large casualties during the beach assaults they were ultimately successful. This book explains, in accessible terms, the many complex problems associated with amphibious warfare and how they were overcome, and is illustrated with photos, diagrams, and colour plates that bring the whole process to life for the reader.