Understanding Shutter Speed: Action, Low-Light and Creative Photography

Bryan Peterson's previous book, Understanding Exposure, was a runaway success and has sold over a quarter of a million copies worldwide Now, in this companion volume, he goes into one aspect of exposure - shutter speed - in depth. A whole series of examples of the same shot taken with the wrong shutter speed and then with the right one illustrate the crucial difference the correct choice can make, especially when dealing with the challenges presented by a fast-moving subject or poor lighting conditions. With the help of this book photographers at all levels of experience and using both digital and film formats will quickly develop the confidence to deal with techniques for freezing motion, blurring it, panning or zooming, including using Photoshop to render motion effects. Bryan Peterson, also the author of Understanding Exposure (9780817463007), Learning to See Creatively and Understanding Digital Photography, is a professional photographer and teacher of photography. He writes a column for the American magazine Popular Photography and runs workshops and online photography courses on PPSOP.com. He has homes in both the US and France.