Understanding Industrial and Organizational Psychology: An Integrated Approach

Currency, realism and integrated coverage give Dipboye's industrial/organisation (I/O) psychology text a unique advantage. An emphasis on social context, the use of real case studies, and attention to gender, work stress, and cognition compliments the research experience and accessible writing of the authors. Features: * ORGANIZATIONAL TOPICS are presented before personnel topics and present human resource functions within a larger organizational context. * Part openers and end-of-the-chapter case studies facilitate comprehension and application. * FUTURE TRENDS sections highlight globalization, downsizing and merging, diversity of workforce, and technological innovation. * Current coverage of ethics prepares students for the common problems of decision making. * Comparisons of academic, nonacademic and alternate research design models. * End-of-chapter case studies with questions profile real organizations and help students apply certain concepts to actual situations. * Discussion includes contemporary topics such as cognition, human factors, gender, open systems, corporate culture and Japanese management.