Understanding Herpes: Revised Second Edition

Herpes simplex viruses are capable of causing a wide variety of infections, including genital herpes, which is so common a sexually transmitted disease that it affects one in five people in the United States. Understanding Herpes is an accessible sourcebook about the virus, its various strains, the ways in which it is transmitted, its symptoms, and the most effective treatments for fighting infection and aftereffects. The book also details how the virus can manifest itself in AIDS patients, pregnant women, and newborns, and discusses the emotional problems that can be caused by herpes infections. Revised chapters provide: New information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of genital herpesNew breakthroughs and discoveries in antiviral therapyNew data about the connection between genital herpes and an increased risk of acquiring and transmitting HIVAdditional steps people can take to reduce the spread of genital herpes between sexual partnersNew information about how drug treatments can reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection to sexual partnersUpdated information about the use of antiviral drugs during pregnancy A chapter on vaccines includes new information about topical microbicides that may prove effective in preventing genital herpes in women. In plain, informative language this book is ideal for the patient and for loved ones.