Uncle John's iFlush: Plunging into Mystery Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!

DIVE! DIVE! DIVE . . . into mysteries so puzzling that only a plunge through the sewer-pipes of human history could hope to solve them. Ever meet a reader who didn't love a mystery? Neither has Uncle John. That's why he's sending our lovable iFlush host Dwayne the lab rat on a new mission: find the most baffling mysteries of all time. How? By piloting the S.S. Throne through the Interpipe! What's the S. S. Throne? We thought you'd never ask. It's a one-rat toilet sub invented by Uncle John's four mad-scientist-plumbers (Plumb Bob, Phyllis Tanks, P. Liddy, and Portia Potty). Now, with one flush of a turbo-charged toilet, Dwayne can plunge readers through 96 pages of interactive Interpipe adventures without getting wet (or covered in sewer sludge)! Here's how it works: * Every page is packed with the kind of amazing true stories and fantastic factoids readers expect from Uncle John's Bathroom Readers FOR KIDS ONLY. * Readers use clues in the mystery-filled stories and factoids to solve puzzles. * Once a puzzle is solved, Dwayne, our ratty host, flushes himself through the Interpipe to plunge readers into their next history-mystery. * The ingenious iSwirl adds a twist by giving readers a choice: solve the puzzle and turn the page, or jump through time to the next historical adventure. What will readers discover as they plunge into mystery? * How the first man to orbit Earth, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, really died; * The mysterious disembodied voice that took down a U.S. president; * Hidden Confederate treasure--gold, silver, and jewels worth millions; * The truth about Mother Shipton, England's cave-dwelling soothsayer (or total fraud); * Kryptos, a coded sculpture outside CIA headquarters that even the code breakers inside the building can't crack, and . . . much, much, more! So hold your nose and dive into a brain-building, fun-filled journey through the world's greatest mysteries. (Psst: You'll need the secret passcode: iFlush! Do you? )