Uncle John's iFlush: Hurtling Thru History Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!

Series: For Kids Only
Paperback / softback
History isn't boring--it's one big brain-building time-travel adventure! Fresh (or not so fresh) from swimming through the sewers of science, our charming host--Dwayne, the rat--hurtles into history for more Interpipe Adventures. What's the Interpipe? We're glad you asked! Copying how computers have been connected to form the Internet, four mad-scientist-plumbers (Plumb Bob, Phyllis Tanks, P. Liddy, and Portia Potty) linked the world's sewer lines together to create the Interpipe. Next, the Four P's created a waterproof device called the iSwirl that can be used to travel back in time with a mere flush of the toilet! Finally, Uncle John found a world-famous puzzle maker to chronicle every Interpipe adventure, and the rest is iFlush history! Here's how it works: * Every page is packed with the kind of amazing true stories and fantastic factoids readers expect from Uncle John's Bathroom Readers FOR KIDS ONLY. * Readers use clues in the history-filled stories and factoids to solve puzzles. * Once a puzzle is solved, Dwayne, our ratty host, flushes himself through the Interpipe to take readers to their next historical destination. * The ingenious iSwirl adds a twist by giving readers a choice: solve the puzzle and turn the page, or jump through time to the next historical adventure. What will readers discover as they hurtle through history? * President Grover Cleveland's Rubber Jaw, * The Cheating Cheaters Who Cheated During the 1904 Tour de France (tacks on the road...riders at gunpoint...bikers hopping trains), * Hart Island: The Creepiest Place in New York City, * Who Stole the Great Bell of Dhammazedi? (The world's biggest bell!), * Picnickers Watching Civil War Battles, * Missile Mail! Courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service, and ...much, much, more! It's a brain-building, fun-filled journey through history. Just hold your nose, dive in, and say, iFlush! Do you?