Uncle John's iFlush: Hunting for Heroes Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!

Go on a brain-building, puzzle-filled Interpipe adventure to meet . . . the world's greatest heroes! Hold onto your thrones, iFlush readers! Dwayne the lab rat is about to blast through the Interpipe astride the amazing TP Flyer! What's the TP Flyer? It's the latest invention of Uncle John's four mad-scientist-plumbers (Plumb Bob, Phyllis Tanks, P. Liddy, and Portia Potty). After joining the world's sewers together to create the Interpipe, the Four P's had . . . time . . . on their hands. So they took a roll of toilet paper, a plunger, and a couple of jet engines and cobbled together a rocket-fast device for sluicing through the sewers. Now our ratty host can travel through 96 pages of interactive Interpipe adventures faster than ever. His goal? Find the greatest heroes who ever lived and see just how heroic they actually were. Here's how it works: * Every page is packed with the kind of amazing true stories and fantastic factoids readers expect from Uncle John's Bathroom Readers FOR KIDS ONLY. * Readers use clues in the history-filled stories and factoids to solve puzzles. * Once a puzzle is solved, Dwayne, our ratty host, flushes himself through the Interpipe to take readers to their next historical destination. * The ingenious iSwirl adds a twist by giving readers a choice: solve the puzzle and turn the page, or jump through time to the next heroic adventure. Who will readers meet as they hunt for heroes? * Cher Ami, the bravest pigeon in WWI, * The Star Trek star who was a hero to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., * Newsies (newspaper-hawking kids) who brought media moguls to their knees, * Boudica, the Briton warrior queen who led a revolt against Rome, * Daring Civil War Spies (in hoop skirts), * The Top 10 Eco-Heroes of all time, and... ...many, many, more! It's a brain-building, fun-filled hunt for the world's greatest heroes. Just hold your nose, dive in, and say, iFlush! Do you?