Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Nature Calls

Paperback / softback
Uncle John is heeding the call of nature! So pack a rucksack, and let's head outside! It's a wild world out there, and the folks at the BRI want to explore it with you. From hornywinks to Dracula orchids, from alluvium to zymogen, Uncle John is embarking on a back-country safari to track down the wackiest, weirdest, silliest, and most amazing stories about the natural world. It's 448 wild pages of great outdoor facts, strange stories, incredible science, and fun quotes and quizzes. You'll feel the fresh mountain air energize you as you read about... * An ape that fries burgers and a lizard that plays video games * The explosive history of America's deepest (and bluest) lake * The search for the mysterious rhinoceros dolphin * How to distinguish a mushroom from a toadstool * Cats vs. birds: the Feline-Avian War * A waterfall that turns toys to stone * The history of dirt And much, much more!