Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! Collectible Edition

Series: For Kids Only
Paperback / softback
Collectible hardcover edition! All new illustrations! Same jaw-dropping mix of fun and information. Now is your chance to own the very first Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only in a hardcover edition with all new illustrations! When our younger readers demanded a Bathroom Reader of their own, Uncle John put together this brain-boggling easy-to-read collection of facts, fads, quotes, history, science, origins, pop culture, mythology, humor, and more! Plus it's full of wacky and fun illustrations and Uncle John's famous running feet --those fun and fascinating facts on the bottom of every page. Kids will read about... * Who was Dr. Seuss? * Baseball superstitions * The birth of The Simpsons * How carnival games are rigged * Dining on scorpions and tarantulas * Shocking truths about thunder and lightning * Disgusting bodily functions like ear wax and digestion ( and why they're important) * Uncle John's all-time favorite elephant joke: Q: How do you get an elephant up an oak tree? A: Plant an acorn underneath him and wait 50 years! ...And much, much more!