Uncanny X-Force: Vol. 5: Otherworld

It's a magical realm of fairies, pixies and kindly old wizards - at least, ordinarily. Now, death and dismemberment are the order of the day - courtesy of an invading force led by a goat-headed sorcerer. Meanwhile, Fantomex stands accused of a crime so heinous the Captain Britain Corps has diverted its attention from Otherworld's defense to conduct his trial. It's up to the rest of X-Force to save him, but how can they leave Otherworld's peaceful citizens to fend for themselves against the invading army? Now, Wolverine and X-Force are fi ghting for their lives on two fronts - to save the denizens of Otherworld and to prevent the Captain Britain Corps from executing Fantomex for the murder of an innocent child. And chances are good not every team member will make it home alive! COLLECTING: UNCANNY X-FORCE 20-24, 19.1, material from 25