Un Deux Trois Student's, Book 2

Un deux trois is an easy-to-use and highly motivating course. Ideal for teaching wide-ability classes, it offers complete and differentiated coverage of all four skills. On-the-page grammar boxes with accompanying activities ( Sur la Piste ) help pupils understand the structure and patterns of the language Provides differentiated activities in the Pupils' Books, with further consolidation and extension exercises in the Activity Books. Ensures smooth progression through the course as new language is introduced and continually revisited, step-by-step. Assesses student performance in all four skills through fully integrated, formal assessment activities ( Paliers) and informal self-assessment tasks ( Bilans )."The course is extremely well structured with many opportunities for reinforcement. The chapter breakdown is ideal in that it allows for effective teaching and learning of key concepts"Ms S Fleckney, Head of Modern Languages, Willowfield School, London.