Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards: Complete Study Pack

Preparing for the Neurology Boards, recertification, or the AAN's RITE(R) Residency In-Service Training Exam can be daunting with years of study, training, and volumes of material to be processed, organised, and distilled for ready recall when the moment arrives. It may seem impossible to retain so much information. This new study pack combining the bestselling review guide Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards with the Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards: Question and Answer Companion gives you all the tools you need to tie it all together. Use the bestselling Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards text for a complete neurology refresher course, then test yourself with the Ultimate Q&A Companion to be sure you have retained all the material that you are likely to encounter on exam day. Enjoy Free Access to the Ultimate Neurology website with hundreds of cases, flashcards, and images for further study. Master the boards with the ultimate study package. Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards Study Pack Includes: Question and Answer Companion Q&A review of all topics contained on the neurology board exam, including psychiatry * Contains over 450 questions with clear concise answers and explanations, plus a mock board * exam with 125 additional questions and answers for self-testing * Questions are arranged by topics and also in random order to simulate a real test * High-yield information section for quick last-minute review of essential facts Includes illustrated cased-based questions Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards, Second Edition 24 thoroughly updated chapters covering all subjects on the neurology boards * A new Mini-Atlas of EEG tracings to hone proficiency in interpretation * NB (nota bene) items throughout flag must-know high-yield information * More diagrams, illustrations, and tables to solidify concepts, streamline dense material, and enhance learning * Additional Notes page the end of each chapter for personal annotations * Are You Really Ready?-A completely new practice test with questions, answers, and explanations to gauge test day preparedness